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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The end of an era

The last one standing has finally stepped down.

Jaja, the last of my batch in my old office, has resigned, and is off to bigger and better things. After breaking a few hearts at the office, she's now moving on to law school, where she will sharpen her skills and train to become the next principal in charge of the Tax Bull. (Now that would be coming full circle, if ever there was such a thing!)

I'm no longer working for that office, but I can't help but feel sad that she's leaving. I know, ang kapal ng mukha ko, nauna ako. Haha. It's a little sentimental of me, but it feels like a chapter has closed, now that the last original MC editor has left. It's the whole idea that things can't go back to the way they were. I'm ok with change, I can cope, I can even embrace it, but don't you get days when you just wish things were the way they were before?

Jaja used to tiptoe into the office when she was late, and one time didn't realize that the boss was right behind her. She tried to con Ms. Vicky out of P20. She would pile her plate high with food at every event, gleefully mixing dessert with karne. She'd take a picture with every bigwig that happened to swing by. She'd save our kabarokans in her celphone (mine was in a dream! It doesn't count!), but would conveniently forget to include hers. She'd stress over piles of financial statements, management letters, proposals, and the Tax Bull, plus a few letters, because she was too nice to say no. She would be genuinely happy for any of us whenever something good came our way. She remained strong through all the difficulties (including working under "Mama"). She was always there.

She deserves all the success and happiness she could get. Maybe in the arms of a certain B.S.


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