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Friday, February 02, 2007

Blast from the past

Lately I've been feeling like my days are too short for everything that I have to do...but here I am! Haha. Just a quick post, taking a breather from all the stuff I have to write and worry about.

So I think the theme lately has been "reliving the past," or maybe "reconnecting with old friends." Jay celebrated the big 3-0 last Friday in Eastwood, and I got to hang out with my generation of CADsters (as opposed to the much younger batches at practice)--including Byumi! Oh, I'm sorry, she is now known as "Byumi Yoanna" to match her new...uh, assets. Hehe.

(From top) With Byumi Yoanna, Karem, Jem (and her short hair!), and the doktora, Crisel; with Randy and the birthday boy.

And Ruds was in town for Tek's wedding, so it was cool seeing him again. We hung out at the office (a.k.a. the mall) for a bit the day he got back. Then we both watched the B-Boys' basketball game--where we served as yayas for an hour to Gian's daughter, Joey--before he, Rene, and I headed to Mall of Asia. Had dinner (or, more appropriately, pigged out) at Hai, where we got to see fireworks in the middle of our meal, then downed a cup each of super evil ice cream at Cold Rock (mmmm, cookie dough!), then caught Night at the Museum, which the two boys pretty much slept through. In Rene's car, we listened over and over to Enrique Iglesia's Escape, which Rene sang with much gusto. (That's an understatement, I tell ya.) The night before Ruds left--or was supposed to leave--we got together at Mic's house, where it felt like we were back in early college again. The boys reminisced as they talked about their high school escapades, and I stayed much longer than I was supposed to--I had a bit of work waiting for me back home. (P.S. Ruds missed his AM flight! He ended up staying an extra day.)

And then the other day, I had to go back to my old high school to give a career talk. (Good grief.) I actually had to give two--one to the juniors, and one to the sophomores. Marns and I were marveling at how these kids talk now--I was like, "Nagtatagalog pa ba ang mga 'yan?" Twas a roomful of Valley girls. Haha. The juniors were more receptive, and I think I actually enjoyed giving that one because those who were present were the ones were supposedly genuinely interested in my field. I got a few laughs, but I don't know if it was because they were laughing with me or at me. I think I'd rather not know. Haha. In the beginning of my talk, I slipped and said, "Wait, I have to get my dork on," to which they said, "Huh?" And when I put my glasses on, they were all, "Ohhh, your dork on!" It was only after when I realized that those wearing glasses might have taken offense! Hey, dorks are cool. A paradox, if I ever read one. Haha.

I felt like the sophomores weren't in the proper frame of mind yet to listen to a talk about their future (which, to them, probably seems like an eternity away), and it was their entire batch, so many of them weren't actually that into the topic. So it was kind of an anti-climactic end to the afternoon, but it's all good.

It was great being back at the school, seeing my old Filipino teachers (and many might not believe me, but I was excellent in Filipino class) and the spankin' new Little Theatre. It made me really miss high school--hideous uniform and all!

So those are the highlights of my whirlwind week. And it ain't over yet!


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