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Saturday, January 20, 2007

CubaoX is alive! Well, part of it anyway...

Sooo apparently I was misinformed.

Last year, my co-workers saw the plans for the Cubao condo development and by the looks of it, CubaoX was going to have to make way. Added to that were the text messages I got from CubaoX establishments that today's sale was a "goodbye to CubaoX" event.

However, I was at X this afternoon and spoke with the Grand Thrift Shop dude who said that it's "a misconception" that they will be affected by the condo development. (Wonder if he's seen those plans...) True, a number of spots have already been vacated, plus a few more--Chunky Far Flung, Future Prospects, Bespoke, and one more store--are closing for sure and others are considering doing the same, but the reasons behind it are expired contracts and/or "the new management."

The good news is that some establishments are staying on--including Bellini's! So hurray for that!


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