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Friday, December 29, 2006

It wasn't really a memorable Christmas (not bad, just not the stuff that makes you reminisce), so there really isn't much to write about. It was the first Christmas that Carlos wasn't around, so we were incomplete, but it was also Diego's first Christmas so that was a bit of a treat (as was seeing my dad go gaga over him)--Christmas is for kids, after all. Oh, and I finally got to practice cooking!

One of last weekend's highlights though was meeting up with the the 5 Takes Philippine semi-finalists--including Mel (in town from Vietnam) and Mr. Travel Journalist himself, Zach, who's back from his 12-week tour of the US. He brought along his pretty fiancee (who's younger than me! Way to go, Zach. Haha). Joining us was Team Hong Kong's Justin and his lovely wife, Erin; they were visiting the Philippines for the first time, staying in Boracay and planning to go to Tagaytay.

Before Justin got here, I emailed him a list of places where he could eat and specific items he could order in Boracay (courtesy of my Bora-food-trippin' friend, Jo. Thanks, Joey!). It was cool seeing him whip out a printed-out version, and hearing him say that they actually went through about half of the list. "Even our friends, who have been going to Boracay since they were young, hadn't tried a lot of the things on the list," he revealed. So for anyone who's interested, Jo recommends...

"- baby back ribs at gastof or hawaiian bbq
- calamansi muffin , iced choco, brownies, jacks omelet at real coffee
- (cheap but good pinoy food) adobo, sinigang, sisig, curry at isla baila, d'mall
- pizza at aria [I've tried's OK, nothing super spectacular - Tish]
- z burger at zuzuni
- (cheap good food) beef or fish salpicao at smoke, dmall (near the palengke area)
- chori burger either near summerplace or pier one [actually, once the sun sets, all these little food carts pop up all over the beach, selling chori burgers, hotdogs, and things like that. Quite cheap, pretty good, and cholesterol-laden!]
- anything at cyma
- that giant cheese sandwich at jonahs-- forgot the name [don't forget the mango crepe! It's just packed with mangoes and oozing with deliciously warm chocolate syrup. Jonah's and Jony's--beside Jonah's--both sell yummy fruit shakes.]
- chicken inasal in station 1 (at boracay scuba) -- only because the owner's my friend, hahaah
- bamboo lounge
- palomeria (near bulabog beach)"

During the course of our conversation, Justin and Erin asked what was up with the fingers-in-an-L-shape-held-under-the-chin. Haha. We explained that it meant "guwaping" or "I look good" or something like that. I realized a few months ago that it was the Pinoy version of the Japanese's peace sign in pictures! Every friggin' photo we took for the makeover in the past six months had at least one kid holding up his hand (or hands!) like that!

The couple was planning on taking a bus to Tagaytay the next morning--something we didn't recommend, considering the mad rush to the province on Christmas Eve! So Zach graciously offered them a ride on the night of Christmas Eve (since he was going to the family house in Tagaytay anyway), giving the couple a whole day to explore Manila. "I guess we could just find a hotel when we get there," said Justin, and Zach replied, "Screw the hotel. You can come spend Christmas Eve with my family, there's plenty of room. And you can experience a Filipino noche buena!" How very 5 Takes of him!

It was cool spending time with all of them again (except Ish, who was in Spain, and Chesie, who couldn't make it), and doubly cool that Justin (one of the people I was really glad to have met in Sg) was in town. And the coolest thing of all?

Zach's tattoo, courtesy of Miami Ink's Chris Nunez! (If you watch the show, you'll know how much of a big deal that is!) This was probably the first time ever that a guy practically took his shirt off at Sentro! Haha.


  • At 4:58 PM , Blogger lei said...

    ahhh!!! coolness!! the tattoo, i mean. it's so pretty... hehe. ;) ang galing. :)

  • At 3:33 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    Zach designed it himself. He's a comic book artist.:)


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