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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

To H

I love you because...'re incredibly secure without being annoyingly conceited.'re OK with me hanging out with the boys. sometimes hang with me and the girls. got your own thing going and don't hassle me about mine.
…you give really good foot massages.
…you keep things simple.
…you trusted me with an extension to your gold card! (Now that’s true love. Haha.)
…you make silly voices that I roll my eyes at (but which I secretly find cute).
…you still give me flowers, even after all these years.
…we speak our own language.
…I can totally let my guard down around you.
…you crack my back when we hug.
…you look hot when you play basketball.
…you love seeing me dance.
…you dance!
…we balance each other out.
…you don’t take it personally when I shush you while I’m watching Veronica Mars or Lost.
…you surprise me at the office or even with a phone call out of the blue.
…a really bad day doesn’t seem so bad when I get to see you.
…you drop by my house unexpectedly just to give me a kiss.
…you get me tickets to UAAP games!
…you give me enough room to breathe without making me feel neglected.
…instead of holding me back, you encourage me to pursue my passions.
…you are my passion.
…you make the kid in me come out and play. And I know that, whether it’s been six years or sixty, it won’t stop being fun.

Happy sixth anniversary!


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