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Thursday, November 09, 2006

All too real

I've been anticipating this movie called Stranger than Fiction. It stars Will Ferrel as a dude who one day starts hearing a voice narrating in his head. Eventually, he ends up going to a literature professor (Dustin Hoffman) for help. The professor figures out that the narrator is in fact an author (Emma Thompson), and Will is apparently a hero in Emma's stories or something. The thing is, this particular author is known for killing off her heroes. So Will has to find her before he's written off.

Caught a trailer on TV and it made me wonder what I'd hear if there were suddenly a voice narrating my life.

She's grown tired of people complaining over the littlest things. "Just get over it and do something about it," she found herself muttering under her breath. The irony doesn't escape her--she's now complaining about people who complain.

Tiny things have just been getting on her nerves lately, even though she doesn't show it. A voice. A remark. A touch. All these cause her skin to prickle out of unfounded annoyance. She has a vague idea what's causing it, this feeling of unrest; she also knows it isn't reasonable. Emotions are funny that way. She says she isn't worried, but deep down there are questions. She put her faith in passion and, yes, fate--and now that her dream may come to fruition, she's unsettled. Is it really what she wants? Or did she just delude herself into thinking that? If it isn't meant for her, then what's left for her to chase after?


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