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Monday, October 23, 2006

Highlights from the past few days
  • Went salsa dancing! It ended up being a managing-eds'-night-out, me going out with Tata and Zo. Had dinner with Chingy beforehand and ended up dragging her along--I owe her one; she sorta took a bullet for me. (I have a thing about dancing with strangers...all the guy friends I asked had one reply: "Are you serious?" Luckily, Triska was there to serve as my partner!)
  • Got to see my kumare and my godson after nearly a year and a half. It's weird that Kyle's running around now! Last I saw him, he was barely walking. Twas also great catching up with Q, and the rest of old marketing. I imss that group. Ahh, the good ol' days.
  • Discovered that it's possible to get full just by eating (er, drinking? Slurping?) soup. Did soups in cooking class and I now know how to whip up a mean French Onion Soup and Cream of Tomato Soup (and a bunch of others, but these are the ones I really paid attention to. A little hard to do considering I had about three hours' sleep). Also, had my first kitchen accident--and of all injuries I could possibly get, it had to be a ridiculous paper cut from my handouts. And it was actually bleeding.
  • Watched Pride and Prejudice on DVD. Really liked it. Kilig without the cheesiness. I was in my bro's old room, on a bed propped up with two cushy pillows, and with chips and dip by my side. Am just discovering what a joy it is to stay home and watch movies that I missed. H and I are envisioning our future couch potato days together.
  • Watched a fashion show showcasing some of Mads's stuff. Coolneth!
  • Found out we're not going to Bora for work.:( That's pretty much what's got us all down at this moment. Sigh.


  • At 4:39 PM , Blogger Jeryc Garcia said...

    Paper cut. Yeeaarrrgghhh!!!

  • At 11:41 AM , Blogger Cathy said...

    haha.. i can relate! nico and i can totally envision ourselves getting fatter when we get married na.. hahaha :)

    and yes, paper cuts are like the worst! Have you ever been cut buy a folder? my gosh.. its sooo sakit!

  • At 11:04 AM , Blogger Tisha said...

    It's so funny how, out of all my kwentos, you guys commented on the paper cut. Hahaha.

  • At 1:36 PM , Blogger Miguel said...

    "out of all my kwentos..."

    let the conyo wars begin :p

  • At 1:49 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    The winner is still "What's singkwenta?" Hahaha.


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