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Monday, October 02, 2006

When will my personal busy season end?

Soon, I think. The concert's over (boo), I'm done with one of my more demanding rackets (yay!), and my gym membership has expired. But that's all been replaced by: regular dance classes for conditioning (a brilliant idea by the CADs alumni), bikram yoga (which I'll be trying with True Friend, maybe next week), a bit of boxing (at least before I enrol in the gym again), and an even more demanding racket...well, OK, maybe it's not that demanding, but I'm anticipating that the "client" will be. Then there's my cooking class. And that baby shower I've been planning. And, oh yeah, work.

Hmm, so much for soon.

Typhoon Thursday found me at my bro's house early in the morning for a shoot. Headed back to the office just when things were getting bad, and only later realized that I put all our lives in danger! Yikes. Then I was stuck in the office with no airconditioning and no computers--although I did have stacks of magazines to keep me entertained. On the way home, saw uprooted trees, toppled parking booths, and heavily damaged signs. And in our garden lay yero that came flying in from other houses. Spent the rest of the day wasting the laptop batt and reading a book that I've been avoiding (fine, Miguel, it's not that bad. But again I say it needs a bit of estrogen. Haha).

Saturday had me learning cooking methods in my cooking class (ah, yes, I've started. Haven't been able to blog about that...). Then had to go to the hospital, and this time the doctors were very attentive. Could it be because I cleaned myself up a bit? (Last time I was there, I looked like crap, and also got somewhat crappy attention.) From there, I was off to NSG, and on the way, a friend texted that he was able to get me a ticket to the game. Damnit. I was almost in Makati so decided to just give the ticket up. Met up with some of Hamil's friends--well, yeah, they're my friends too now--to watch that blasted game. Kinda glad I didn't watch live. That was painful. What was up with the shooting? Was so down that I ended up going to Cold Rock by myself to get some ice cream. (Excuses, excuses.) I'm over it. But ask me again at the end of the day.

Then went over to Dindi and Jan's for a slumber party! It was supposed to be in honor of Wowee, her despedida, but she didn't show up! We didn't have much to do, so H played knight in shining armor; he picked us up and drove us to Metrowalk for the Rockmoto event. (As if he needed more pogi points! Hehe. I swear, he's the best.) Thankfully, True Friend had some friends in the Moto tent, so we were safe from the chaotic mosh pit (no place for a lady--people were getting hurt down there). For the first time, I got to see a friend perform live as part of a popular band. It was a little weird, same way it's weird when my other friends tell me they think he's "cute" or "sexy." It's one of the those things you don't get about people you've known since before they were famous I guess. (I wonder if Brad Pitt's childhood friends find it weird that he's the "most beautiful person in the world.") Anyway, we got free drinks, ordered a Peach Melba at Icebergs, and headed back to the condo. Dinds, Mona, and I ended up talking for two hours in the dark (Jan was just knocked out). So great catching up with them. Unfortunately, none of us had a camera.

A few hours later, Mona and I had some pasta and lots of bread at Dindi's then went to mass before heading to Shang. Had some fruit shakes at Cibo...then a chocolate lava cake at Goodies N' Sweets. Aaaaaahhh. Evil evil cake.

Then I met up with H to watch Step Up. Loved it! And no, it wasn't just because of manly man Channing Tatum. Haha. It's one of the better dance movies because it didn't take itself too seriously (like Save the Last Dance--didn't really like that one), and there's a mix of dances (You Got Served was all hiphop--and yes, I'm street, but I do like seeing some ballet and jazz moves up there). The final dance in Centerstage had a greater effect on me, but over all I liked Step Up more! It's the kind of movie I'd watch over and over again on HBO. Haha. I got kilig watching the two leads. Hahaha.

Sooo that's what's been going on. I wonder when I'll find time to squeeze in a beach trip?


  • At 1:21 AM , Blogger Miguel said...

    hopia! i see im being singled out.

    im perfectly fine with that testosteron-laden book :) for you there's always chicklit and paolo choelo...

    ooh, i'm kidding

  • At 4:35 PM , Blogger Cathy said...

    channing tatum and the girl in step up are an item in real life!!!! kilig!!!! :)

  • At 1:18 PM , Blogger lei said...

    hey i've been thinking about bikram yoga for the past few weeks. i don't know when i'll get to try that out. :)

  • At 9:42 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    Miguel - and what's wrong with Paolo Coelho? (We don't even know how to spell his name. Haha.)

    Cathy - Ah talaga? Hahaha. Parang gusto kong panoorin ulit...

    Lei - I'll try it out when I have time! Ika nga ni Ryan (aka Bryan), come on, let's join us! Haha.


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