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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Busy busy week

It's been a crazy week! Highlights:
  1. Monday was free so spent it with H (always fun, even if we're just sitting around doing nothing).
  2. Found out about the 5 Takes thing.
  3. Met with Addie for squiggly at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Always nice spending time with her. One of the few people I feel totally comfortable spending one-on-one time with.
  4. Got my itinerary for my Singapore trip. It includes "media interviews and photo ops." Yikes.
  5. Met with my former co-workers at (of all places) Conways in Shang! Old bosses had some planning thing there, so there was food left over, so my friends decided to meet up there. (Free food is always good for us PGs, i.e., patay gutoms! Haha.) Afterwards, we headed to Saguijo where we were Narda groupies for a night--Camyl's boy Ryan was playing.
  6. Had dance practice. Learned the landi all-girls street dance. Attempted to learn the jazz dance (to a mix of two of Esthero's songs. I'm really liking her music). My body's feeling it today! And it was an overload of new steps. My pickup isn't as quick as it used to be. Tsk tsk.
  7. Where was I last night? ...oh yeah! Tagaytay! We had a surprise party for Macho, planned by his blushing bride Sheryl (yeeha!). She rented a house there, so H's barkada and the girlfriends/wives (and a couple of kids) went. We also threw a bridal shower for Sheryl (where I won a, no details. Haha).
  8. H and I got up early this morning and had breakfast at Breakfast at Antonio's (entry to follow in my food blog). We had a breakfast date at Mandarin before and it was really fun, so I thought of doing it again. I think breakfast dates are great coz they're casual and laidback--so me. Hehe.
  9. Had lunch with H's family. His nephews and nieces are adorable!
  10. Didn't get enough sleep the past few nights, so took a luxurious nap before watching UST end Ateneo's winning streak (damnit).
  11. Went to mass before heading to Mads's to say bye-bye to Priti, who's going back to London.

And here I am now! Phew. Of course there was work and boxing and workouts squeezed in there somewhere. Haha. I have a packed day tomorrow and I'm leaving for Singapore Tuesday morning, so won't be able to blog for a few days. Will post pics when I get back!


  • At 8:34 AM , Blogger lei said...

    hey!! congrats!! and goodluck! i know you'll have a blast. :)


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