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Monday, July 31, 2006

Sad truth

Was waiting for my order at a fast food restaurant a while ago when I heard a man at the counter order a "Go Large." The cashier patiently explained that to get a Go Large, he would have to order one of the "value" meals (many of which were over a hundred bucks). The guy quietly stepped aside, took a look at the menu, then left. I felt so bad for him. He went up there fully expecting to get a large order of fries and a drink for P18. It made want to order fries and a drink with my meal just to give to him.

I glanced behind the counter and saw that there was a sign for the employees. The resto had some sort of policy--they never laugh at any customer's order, no matter how odd. To come up with such a policy, the Go Large incident must happen fairly often. While it's cool that they've instituted it, it's also really sad that there was a reason they had to. I had this overwhelming feeling of helplessness. I was frustrated that I couldn't help that one man, that ignorance is pervasive even in a fast-food place, that not everyone can get a good education, that some people (who don't deserve it) have to be embarrassed.

I can't just cry about it though. Somehow, World Vision doesn't seem enough now. It's a start, but there's gotta be more I can do, short of pulling a Warren Buffett.


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