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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wedding jitters

A clairvoyant friend (let's call her Claire), another friend, and I were talking about Bali, and for some reason we ended up talking about weddings. Claire teased me about my wedding and I gave her my standard answer: "Matagal pa!"

H and I talked late last year and decided that our original date was way too soon, so this whole wedding business isn't exactly one of my immediate concerns. We have no plans at all, not the slightest idea of where it's going to be, and though it's something we talk about, we're not formally engaged. So I was really surprised when later that day, Claire passed me and said, "Uuy, your wedding!" with this knowing smile. I said, "What?" and she said she was going to tell me about my wedding--but not yet. She told me how she foresaw Girl A's wedding reception two years before it happened, and how she described Girl B's wedding to her even before she had a boyfriend. Girl B forgot about this little prediction. Fast forward to Girl B's wedding preparations and she nearly freaked out when she saw her dress--it was only then that she remembered that it was exactly what Claire had described. OK, so it could have been the power of suggestion. But I've heard enough about the accuracy of Claire's other little prophecies to know that she's not some fly-by-night Madam Bola.

While I'm not wedding-obsessed, the idea that someone could actually see how it's going to turn out made my stomach do a backflip. It was more of a happy backflip than a panicky one, mostly because the vibe I got from Claire was a good one. "I think I'll take my cue from you 'coz I have no idea how it's going to turn out!" I told her. Planning this thing will be a whole lot easier when the time comes. Pero matagal pa.:)


  • At 12:14 AM , Blogger jo said...

    "matagal pa" can mean next year..yiheee!

  • At 9:26 AM , Blogger Cathy said...

    Aaaw... :)

    Haaay.. wala lang, even though you are saying na matagal pa, i just cant wait for you guys to get married! Im a sucker for weddings.. lalo na sa mga long time bfs-gfs :)

  • At 10:10 AM , Blogger Tisha said...

    We've ruled out next year. Hehe.


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