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Friday, June 23, 2006

New toy

I should be in bed by now. Was feeling nauseated the whole day, and my whole body was sore (thanks to my boxing trainer, who made me pay yesterday for not showing up for about six months)--couldn't even bring myself to run, even though I haven't in over a week. Blast it. I'd love to just crawl into bed but I'm rather enjoying tinkering with this new laptop. Yay!

But no, dial-up pa rin! I'm hopin' my 'hood will be a wifi zone soon.

Just came from my tita's, where I spent the first part of the evening gorging on ice cream--I asked for just a little, and they gave me three scoops! Apparently my five-year-old nephew Harley can go through six scoops in one go. Tita doesn't burn calories the way she used to.

The kids showed me their artwork and their yearbooks, I teased Francene about a boy ("Eyew! Girls don't like boys!" I'm givin' her three more years), and Gedo and Mavic introduced me to House. For my part, it would've been cool to sleep over, pretending that I'm on summer break too (they're from an international school) and watching DVDs 'til four in the morning. But it'd be way uncool for the kids to have their 26-year-old tita with them. Especially after they saw my 80s hair in one of their mom's old albums this evening. Yikes.


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