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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A fork on the road (and I really mean "on")

I lost a fork in SM yesterday.

That's a very odd sentence to type. I was in SM Makati for a pullout and was walking along an aisle near all the framed paintings when I heard the clink of metal against the floor. I thought nothing of it, telling myself that I didn't have anything metallic in my shoulder bag, and that I wore no heavy bangles that day. I heard a dude go, "Ay, nahulog!" and just kept on walking.

About an hour later, I noticed that a spoon was sticking out of my other bag. (Fine, it's a lunch box! Feel free to make fun of me now. I just got tired of bringing a paper bag to work...) Apparently, I hadn't closed the zipper properly. I opened it to find that my fork was gone.


I told True Friend about it and she said, "Ano ba yan, hindi man lang sumigaw ng 'Ay, tinidor!'" which I found hilarious. I mean, who says that? And even if the dude had said that, I wouldn't have looked back, completely forgetting that I had a lunch box in tow.

The incident made me think about the possible scenario later that night when the maintenance crew would be cleaning. Lo and behold, there in the middle of the floor, they'd find a fork. And it was nowhere near the kitchenware section. What possible stories would they concoct?

This led me to think about out-of-place stuff I've seen or found in all these places, and the stories behind these lost (and found) items. I've always wondered, for example, how a single slipper or shoe, still perfectly wearable, finds itself on some sidewalk. Was it a snatcher's, left behind a la Cinderella as he ran pell-mell away from the cops? A woman's, after she was nearly sideswiped? Perhaps in the confusion and shock, she absentmindedly walked away from the scene. Or was it left over from some street game I've never heard of? Not too far-fetched--my cousins and I used to pile into our big swing, leave our slippers on the platform, and swing away; the person who owned the last slipper to fall off the swing would win. Maybe it was a similar made-up game. Only, I can't imagine going home at the end of the day, not noticing that I had only one beslippered foot.

Would the SM people think that the fork was part of some elaborate shoplifting scheme? That a strange fight had broken out in the kitchenware section, way on the other side of the floor? I was voicing all these out to H when he offered a possible theory that the cleaning crew would come up with: "Ah, may babaeng nakahulog nito kanina." Inventive.


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