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Friday, August 18, 2006

Now it can be told

One month ago...

You've seen Josh bungy jump, Renee perform Chinese opera, and Gabe eat fried scorpions. Are you up for a similar challenge? Here's your chance to do all that and more as a Travel Journalist in the new season of 5 Takes! If you have a passion for travel and making friends and telling the world about your adventures, we want to hear from you. Join 5 Takes now!

It was a casting call for a travel show on Discovery Travel and Living. I submitted my application and just completely forgot about it. I figured they were casting all over Asia and Australia, so what were the odds? When I checked my mail after getting back from Bohol, I had a surprise message waiting in my inbox. The gist:

Subject: We want to see more of you!

Dear 5 Takes TJ hopeful, Congratulations! You've made it through the first round and are just two steps away to becoming a TJ on the new season of Discovery Travel & Living's 5 Takes!

From the Discovery Travel & Living Team

The e-mail went on to state the requirements. I was thrilled! I didn't think I would make it that far, and I was just so happy and thankful that I did. I figured my chances of making it through the next round were pretty slim, but hey, it was worth a shot. I was totally OK with not making it through to the next round. I was that happy. I read the forum, and some people were just devastated because they didn't make it, so I considered myself lucky.

I enlisted Rene to help me with the video requirements. H helped me shoot some additional footage (and, man, was he tough to please. Rene was basically a tripod. Haha. A very good-natured tripod whom I dragged around Ateneo. Haha. H, on the other hand, would critique me all throughout! Perfectionist!). I have to admit, while I was ecstatic that I made it through the first round, I couldn't help but begin to really want to make it through the next. The deeper I got into it, the more I wanted it. And it was an uncomfortable feeling--the greater the desire, the greater the chance of disappointment. Which was why I was trying to convince myself that I didn't really want it. (Yeah, right.)

And so I turned in all my requirements on the last day of submission. And for days, I couldn't get it out of my head. It was hard not to think about where I could possibly get sent, what adventures I would have. I just wanted to forget about it, but the more I tried to, the more I thought about it--forgetting (or at least trying to) is funny that way.

When I found out I didn't make it, I was just so disappointed. I watched the entries of those who did make it, and I was like, "I could so speak better than she does!" And then it hit me, "She made it, and you didn't, so just shut up." Haha. I kept thinking about what I could have done differently. There were areas for improvement, and it kills me that there's nothing I could do about it now. The chance to travel for 12 weeks--and get paid for it!--was gone.

After a bit of reflection, I did realize some things. Maybe this experience wasn't about me getting to travel--maybe it was meant to show me that I've got some really awesome people in my life. I had a couple of friends who were ready and willing to help. But H and Rene were just so incredibly supportive--it wasn't because they were obligated to be there. I could sense that they really wanted this for me. And it touches me no end to know that I've got such a solid support system.

Maybe next year.


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