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Friday, September 15, 2006

*Sniffle sniffle*

I've been meaning to post about the actual audition, and I do have a draft and all, but just haven't been able to upload photos. The internet at home doesn't seem to be cooperating so I gotta upload 'em from H's or at work (tee-hee).

This past week has been all about work, and getting a cold and a cough and losing my voice. (This is so not sexy.) I intended to go to the gym this morning, but H made me promise last night that I was going to rest instead (maybe because all I did was lie down, rest, and constantly ask him to be a dear and get me a glass of water...and to put me out of my misery). He says I'm addicted to working out. This from the guy who lets me watch him benchpress 200. (I love you, blah! Haha.)

So anyway, I'll probably publish that waiting draft by Sunday. And hopefully by then I won't have a pack of tissues as my constant companion.


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