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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

...and more job perks

I just got my first-ever authentic art piece, and I am effin' thrilled!

Up until the recent past, I've never really been one to have an interest in collecting art. My knowledge and appreciation of it was virtually limited to comments like, "Ooh how pur-ty. Me likey!" But for work last week, I had to coordinate and attend all these gallery shoots for an upcoming feature, and while some pieces made me scratch my head, others made me pause, made me feel, made me want. I thought I was the worst possible person to be assigned to handle this feature, but right before the shoots began, I resolved to make it an education of sorts. (Or, more appropriately, a crash course.) I got to meet a bunch of artistes--very interesting, but I don't see myself becoming a member of their little world any time soon. I'm just oozing with normalcy!

After shooting at this one gallery, the owner texted me asking for my full name, saying they had a small sculpture for me as a thank you for including them in the feature. I was drooling because this was the same dude who made "The Dancers," this kaching-thousand-peso sculpture that I fell in like with. Then reality came in the form of art whore (and I mean that in the best possible way) Gino, who actually wrote the article and chose the gallery. I told the owner that the statue should rightfully go to Gino, who, in all fairness, offered joint custody. Haha. A few days later, the owner texted again saying he prepared a sculpture for me too.

Can you say, "Woohoo!"?

And here it is now, lovingly wrapped, and sitting on my desk. (But no way am I leaving it here! Magazine nga lang nawawala na eh.) It's called "Oracle," a heavy mixed media piece by SEB, something I will forever treasure. It even comes with a certificate of authenticity. I'm sure it'll find its way into H's and my future home, way before we could even afford to buy a sofa.

The only thing I'm afraid of now is that I'm beginning to like the idea of collecting art. Pricey, ain't it? Should've stuck to snowglobes.

...And now, back to one of my job pitfalls--actual work! Got 30 minutes to spew an article, so here goes...


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