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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Job perks

One of the great things about my job is that I don't have to spend day after day in front of the computer (ironically though, my eyesight has gotten worse since I started this job). Last Tuesday, for example, I had an excuse to go to Divisoria for work! Had to shop for props/materials for Friday's major shoot (another one of my harebrained ideas). The past few times I was there, I think I got the sanitized version of the Divi experience--my tita's idea of Divi shopping is going to 168. Last year, though, I convinced her and my mom to take me to Tabora so that I could buy my gift wrappers and ribbons. Since wrapping gifts is my joy in life (well, right up there with eating and dancing), I was super excited to step into stalls selling nothing but wrappers and trimmings, without the hefty mall price tag!

This time around, Is and I were on our own. Is is more of an experienced Divi shopper, knowing what each street sells ("This one is for fabric, this is for gifts, this is for kitchenware..."), but still whispering, "What's singkwenta?" And the winner of the Conio War is...

We waited for Jill along Kitchenware Row, where some dudes not-so-discreetly took our photo with their camera phone. (Hello? You think I don't see you standing in front of me? That I don't hear the tell-tale click?) When Jill arrived, we met up at Fabric Row where she inquired about some masks, which she needed for her setup. Jill told the manong that we would look around first. We headed inside, where she found some really pretty ones at this stall selling costumes: angel wings, fairy wings, headdresses--a drag queen's dream! Back outside, the manong saw what she had purchased and said, "Ay, nakabili na siya," then wistfully added, "So sad." Hahaha.

I was able to buy me the feathers that I needed (a steal, I'm told, at P25 per yard), and some things I didn't need (not for me though!). It's a good thing Is couldn't find Costume Jewelry Row or I would've spent all the moolah in my pocket.

I imagined what it would be like to be there with the 5 Takes hopefuls. That would be a blast! They're the type who would totally relish the experience (or at least pretend to). All the tinderos/tinderas would probably stop and stare at the blondita Aussies though, and there would be no such thing as tawad for us!

Which reminds me--I still haven't finished blogging about the Singapore trip, and things are getting a bit hazy. Another thing on my endless list of to-dos.


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