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Saturday, October 14, 2006

What yesterday smells like

Tried this new perfume I was curious about. At the start it just smelled like this other perfume I used to use, but after some time it smelled of...memories. Of nights alone under starry skies, of running around the Big Field one afternoon with my friends, of my first Midnight Madness (10 years ago!), of Shakespeare on summer evenings, of schoolgirl crushes and adolescent giddiness, of dreams and plans and hopes.

So it's true what they say about smells--they do have the power to take you back. BFF Ching sniffed my wrist. "It reminds me of high school!" she said. Ahh, nostalgia in a bottle. One of these days you'll catch a whiff of me smelling of something vaguely familiar. You probly won't recognize what it is or who's worn it before (for the life of me, I can't seem to pinpoint it), but it'll make you remember.


  • At 12:29 AM , Blogger moonpool said...

    Our sense of smell is wired close to where our memories are stored... I was just discussing that with the kids for one of our Mad Science workshops. :)


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