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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

His best friend's wedding

Mac and Sheryl got married last Saturday! I never did see the invitation to the wedding, but Best Man H said that it was at 4:00pm. So there I was at 4:00pm--I missed all the readings (thankfully, I wasn't up til Prayers of the Faithful) because apparently it started at 3:30! Argh. It was a mildly stressful afternoon with the dude at the salon taking his sweet time blowdrying my hair. The last dude took all of 15 minutes. I thought I was gonna be at that salon for 20 minutes tops. But no, this dude took FORTY bloody minutes to DRY MY HAIR! Some people have no sense of urgency, I swear.

At the reception, we feasted on Albergus's roast beef before H gave his short-but-sweet toast. And for some reason, the groom announced when the Best Man was getting married! And I just had to be surrounded by all his friends when this happened. I didn't hear the end of it all night. (Kilig naman ako. Hahaha.)

Afterwards, we headed to Dencio's in Capitol Hills in our wedding finery (nice view, by the way). Spent the better part of the evening trying to keep my eyes open. I'm fast earning a reputation for being antukin (ask people at the office...put me in a car going to a shoot and I can snooze. Even if the location's a mere 10 minutes away)! I've been needing my eight hours every night, and I don't think I could go back to my sleepless nights in college. I don't like it. I feel like I'm losing precious hours by staying in bed, so I've resolved to try to stay up a little later and/or get up a little earlier. Let's see how that goes. Last night I got about six hours...but then I have a Cavite shoot today so I have a long nap ahead of me.

Makeup c/o of Marie! Bong-bong Marcos, ikaw ba 'yan?

Fly my pretties! Releasing the butterflies

Our token awww pic

"Table 10" (three tables in one! Gutom na kami eh...)


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