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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Forgive my just-posted shallow entry. I'm just kind of kicking myself for not buying that top. Sigh.

On my way home, I was thinking about my latest night ritual. It changes every few weeks, and I'm really hoping to change this one soon: When I get home, normally late in the evening, I raid the fridge (which is almost always well-stocked, thanks to mumsy, bless her) and snack on whatever it is that could satisfy my craving for the night. I watch a bit of TV, unwilling to read any of the books I started (not exactly page-turners). By 11 or 12, I'm feeling sleepy, too sleepy to remove the covers from my bed, so I take a power nap...that lasts til about one or two in the morning! Then I get up and remove the covers and big pillows. Sometimes I take a quick shower. Then I go back to bed and sleep til morning.

So aside from realizing that the quality of sleep is compromised, I've also figured out one reason I'm not as lean as I used to be. It's all the snacking. Back in the day, I'd get home incredibly tired from hours of dancing that all I could do is take a shower and crawl into bed. Or I'd get home a bit earlier, do some homework, and then crawl into bed. I don't eat when I do homework. It's such a hassle. So I really should stop wondering why I'm having a hard time getting my body back to what it used to be. If only I could exercise the same discipline over food that I've lately been exercising over my budget (with disastrous--well, OK, annoying results). Although I could feel myself caving... I've heard that you have to do something 21 times before it becomes a habit. So I dunno if that means I have to go 21 days on this budget, or 21 pay periods before I get used to it. I'm really hoping it's the former.

Ah, right on schedule. I'm starting to feel sleepy. I've been telling myself to fight it the past couple of nights. But maybe I've gone 21 days like this. And you know how old habits die hard.


  • At 9:53 AM , Anonymous a9828 said...

    ok lang yan, at least you're P75 richer now =) 25 na lang and you can buy a P100 shirt!

  • At 1:19 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    I ended up buying a P150 top over the weekend to ease the pain. Haha. Mahirap nang magsisi...


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