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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scenes from a shoot

"We want to show off your legs," said my favorite fashion stylist, Pam Q. And I walked (or rather, limped) into the studio with a busted-up ankle wrapped in a thick layer of bandages!

A few months ago, I twisted my ankle so badly that H declared that it looked like chicken lollipop. After all, I accomplished the impressive feat of landing incorrectly on both sides of one frickin' ankle. The shoot took place a few days later. The stylists were offering other options, but I reassured them that I could stuff my ankle into the fringed boots they prepared for me (the section was about the fringe trend). They cringed as they watched me force my still-swollen ankle into the too-small opening. But force it in, I did!

Pam prepping me for the shoot

I think I have a pic like this--mouth wide open--in every shoot! It's the cheerleader in me. Haha

Final product. They played some music and had me dance around, then also had me walk down a pretend-runway

Makeup by Gela Laurel-Stehmeir. Photos by Dix. I think this appeared in the March 09 issue of Marie Claire.



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