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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

When you're a "yes" man (or girl)

Again, I am reminded of this beautiful word, "No."

There's so much going on now...
  • Concert on Friday, where I have three dances--one of which I haven't even completely learned yet. Would've wanted to dance the Street Comp Master Mix (I so miss dancing street), but there's just not enough time to learn a whole new routine
  • Rackets, rackets, rackets. I've got three in the works, one of which is pretty major, in terms of workload. I am thankful though because rackets are blessings!
  • That batch reunion, where I find that I am suddenly the head of one of the committees
  • Wedding preps, which are in full swing
  • Work! We're losing three days to the holidays/holy days, and that is a big deal in our world. In three days, you could squeeze in as many as six shoots! So the remaining work days are more packed than usual
And then I have scheduled lunches, a baby shower, and other get-togethers lined up. I'm relieved that we elected new captains (congrats!), and that I was allowed to step down. A teeny part of me was somewhat reluctant to, partly because (as people have observed, and I am willing to admit) I'm a control freak. But a BIG part of me is welcoming the change--I don't have to plan or coordinate anything; don't have to attend meetings; don't have to call, email, text people; don't have to collect anything; don't have to think about player rotation; don't have to decide on stuff that would affect a whole group of people. I can just focus on improving as a player! And also on how to better protect myself from the sun. Racerback tanlines showing through my wedding gown just won't do.


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