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Friday, February 27, 2009

Feb 2009 roundup

I had a tooth extracted, was evicted from my room, am currently living in messier-than-average digs (have not sorted through everything yet—no time!), and was bogged down and bummed out by a hundred other minor changes…but Feb was not without its highlights! With the bad comes the good.

2 become 1

“Coz tonight is the night when 2 become 1…” Notice: 1) how nognog I am compared to the rest of my family (left side), 2) darling Marga in her tube top and matching shorts!

H’s mom was in town so we started off the month with the pamamanhikan on the first of February. They came over bearing a truckload of food (aside from delish dishes from Conti’s, they brought extra stuff like spaghetti), and got to meet mi familia. Dad was in character, cooped up in his room for the most part, watching the exciting Aussie Open match. (Can’t blame him.) Was a bit nervous about the whole thing, but it turned out OK.

Flower power

Getting flowers never gets old. My sweet fiancé surprised me on the evening of Friday the 13th with a bunch of purty flowers! Awww.

Full of hot air

I’m happy I decided to drag my arse out of bed at 3:00 in the morning so that I could make it to the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. I got closer to a balloon than I would have, had I actually ridden it!

Inside a balloon as it was being blown up (photo from Fel)

Let’s do lunch

It seems like such a minor thing unworthy of a place in the highlight reel, but eating at Soms one lunch time was one of the things that made me happy this month. It’s nice getting out of the office for a relaxed, yummy lunch with a bunch of fabulous girls (the MC staff). So nice, in fact, that it didn’t matter that we got rained on as we tried to flag down a cab.

We are the champions!

(Photo from Ian)

Our goal at the beginning of the league: to become Pool B champs. And mission accomplished!

I don’t give a crap that people are saying we won coz of the two superstars on our team. Whatevs, man. We worked hard for that, we won, and they can’t take that away from us! Ultimate…Warriors!



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