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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Call me "mutt"

Today, I met two people who asked if I was Filipina (one guy was from Burma…it’s normally the foreigners who can’t tell). One of them said that I looked Turkish with some Spanish. A number of people have asked if I have Spanish blood (D, for one. And a dude in the US started speaking to me in Spanish once). Some guys in Palawan asked me if I was Thai. My Aussie 5 Takes roommie said I looked Puerto Rican, while Team Taiwan said I looked like someone back in their home country.

So, as of today, I could pass for Filipina-Turkish-Spanish-Thai-Puerto Rican-Taiwanese. Throw in the Indian jokes (because of my built-in bindi) and H’s chinito-ness, and it’d be interesting to see what my kids would look like!


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