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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

When it rains

I don't know if it's the sugar rush or if all the changes are starting to make me feel dizzy.

Whatevs. Things have been pummeling forward at breakneck speed, it's a bit of a challenge trying to keep up and to cope.

Our SUV was sold. I didn't even get to say goodbye.

Good ol' Elps is retiring. Again. And I guess this time it's for good. He's had his Michael Jordan moment.

The house is being renovated. In a major way. As in, tonight is the last night I will ever spend in the room I've had for years.

There have been some earth-shaking happenings at work. Plus one of my co-workers resigned; another will soon follow.

I'm having a tooth extracted. (That's the short version of it.) OK, so the toothache I've had for days was intolerable (and H was aghast after seeing how swollen my gums were), but I didn't think it was gonna be this bad. Now I have to set aside moolah for something I never imagined I would spend on this year. It's a lot of money, damnit.

I'm getting married. Which is a really good thing. (And something else that's...a lot of money as well.) But it's an incredibly BIG change--moving out, moving in with someone, taking on a new name. Among other things.

"Embrace change," H told me today. I am trying to. But please, I need to catch my breath. Even just for a minute.


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