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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

January 2009 Highlights

And just like that, the first month of the year has gone by! Some highlights:

New Year with the fam

I looove being with my family, so even though I was bummed that H got sick (which meant we couldn't party as planned), I still had a pretty rockin' New Year.

Hyper Diego with pogi Lolo. Awesome!

We spent it at my bro's place, where the kids were in their PJs, in awe of the fireworks. (Marga had gotten over her fear.) Diego, who could already say, "That's so cool!" (I wonder if Tito Miguel had anything to do with that...), learned how to say "Awesome!" courtesy of, ehem, his tita. Everyone was in good spirits as we sat around the table and talked, and feasted on Rita's yummy pot roast, and a gooey chocolate cake. And when it comes to chocolate cakes, the gooier, the better!

H's big 3-0

Wok with Ham: Us in matching aprons. Hehe

I am now engaged to someone in his 30s! My man celebrated the big day with a steak-and-wine party--a departure from the usual beer and sisig, and perhaps, a true sign of maturity! Haha. I had fun playing hostess for the night, and was just happy that H was happy.:)

New Year League

The first league of the year has started, and our lineup is loaded! We even got two Team Pilipinas players on our roster (D & G--not to be confused with the original, Dondi & Greg). Our record so far: 3-1. Let's go, Warriors!

Ron and Rhea's wedding

I-Girls with the newlyweds (Rhea, all goddess-like in her short dress)

Rhea was the first Pinay bride I had ever seen in a short dress. Lovely! I wore another Madhuri Hemandas creation, and we stayed for as long as the flipped-out music would let us. (Let's just say the DJ played a rather, er, diverse selection of sounds.) I had quite a bit of sparkling white wine (champagne-y, without actually being from Champagne), nicked from the couple's table! Haha. Congrats and best wishes, Ron and Rhea!



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