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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sleepless in Manila

I woke up yesterday morning thinking I was still in NY. When I realized I wasn't, I felt an incredible wave of homesickness.

I miss hearing my tita call me "anak." I miss waking up on my cousin's couch. I miss hearing Taylor sing Old MacDonald. I miss walking from my brother's place to the PATH. I miss gearing up for the cold weather, even though I complained bitterly about it the first few days I was there. I miss Ate Belinda saying, "Hi honey!" I miss my tito's quiet presence. I miss my brother's controlled excitement over showing me his town. I miss watching movies with Kuya Vic.

To borrow a line from Sleepless in Seattle, I miss everyone so much, it hurts. And the jetlag isn't helping!


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