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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

October 2008 highlights

The two things that stood out came at the tail-end of the month:

Monster Halloween Hat

My team: Team Manay. Photo from here

A few of the Warriors joined Monster's Halloween Hat at Philsports Arena. Those who came in costume would get a discount, so I just dressed up as Gogo Yubari (or a Battle Royale character). I lost my weapon though, and ditched the bow, so I ended being a regular schoolgirl.

My Team Manay teammates: Mike, Fel, and Cel (who decided to play at the last minute). Other notables: Gali, Team Pilipinas captain Derek, and of course Manay. Gali was hilarious as usual, leading the team's warmup, and totally tearin' it up on the field. He ended up getting the MVP award. Quotable quotes:

Gali: Sumama ka na sa Tagaytay.
Me: Ummm...
Gali: Kung si Derek magtanong sa 'yo, hindi ka makakatanggi!
Derek: Tara, Tagaytay!
Me: Ummm...
Gali: Pare, dati bilib ako sa 'yo eh. Pero ngayon hinihindian ka na!

This started an evening of the two of them saying stuff like, "Hindi ka pupunta? Hindi kita papasahan!" And...

(Derek passes the disc to me but I wasn't able to catch it)
Derek: Hindi ka na nga sasama sa Tagaytay, hindi mo pa sasaluhin ang pasa ko! (in front of everyone! And then he leans in and says...) Sorry, it was short! (Geez.)

My favorite line of the night was from Gali: "Sino ka, si Rumpelstilstkin?" Hahaha.

I had a couple of points, which was cool. Gali and I were planning a play wherein I would just run to the end zone and he would huck it, but it ended up being the other way around: I caught an awkward pass then passed it to him for a point! Woohoo! Anyhoo, my team won the tourney! So Mike and I are now 3-of-3 when it comes to hats! Yay!

Halloween at the office

Tatamaps in her Venetian mask, Coni as Malena (or Marimar), and me as a fallen angel with really muscular legs (Damn! But I earned those muscles!)

It was cool that people gamely came in costume. I was an angel for the day, but Nicole remarked, "Angel ba 'yan? Ang ikli ng palda!" So I ended up being a fallen angel! Haha. It was cool seeing costumed people on our floor, but it was funny when I had to get something from another floor--where no one was in costume! Oh well.

Just another reason why I love my job.:)

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  • At 9:04 PM , Blogger Lei said...

    i want your shoes.

  • At 2:37 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    Oh, thank you! I love them so.:) And they're as comfortable as four-inch heels could be!


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