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Thursday, October 02, 2008

My September

Daaayyym, it's the last quarter of the year!

Some highlights from September 2008:
  • WTF?! We had our annual tournament, this time at Camp Aguinaldo. The champs: The Green-ada A-Discs.

The champs: Czar, Shane, Mavs (aww), Jun-jun, Ena, Mina, Dino, Kring, Nana, Vicky, Sarah, Mike. Click on photo for more pics!
  • My TV appearance. Nothing major. But the cool thing was I didn't stress over it as much as I did in the past. It was pretty quick and painless.
  • Lunch with mumsy and her friends. We traveled all the way to Tiaong, Quezon to celebrate my mother's birthday. Read about it here.

Oldies but goodies: With my lovely mother and her high school friends!
  • Malakas at Maganda 2. The girls joined their first-ever all-girl tournament. We're learning a lot, and I think it's helping us improve and become more confident. And the boys have been nothing but incredibly supportive! I'm so touched that they've been selflessly giving us pointers during training, and coaching and cheering for us during our games. I must say I miss playing with them though. I much prefer the mixed leagues, but this is still a great experience.

Trying, trying, trying to break the Devil Dogs' cup. That's me catching the disc. (Pic stolen from Kring)
  • Bonfire 2008. Sing it with me: "Weeee are the champions, my friend!" After six years, my beloved Blue Eagles are once again the UAAP Men's Basketball Champions. They (we) beat archrivals DLSU in two games--and our Juniors team bagged first place as well! Woohoo! Ching, H, and I were at Ateneo for the bonfire--unfortunately, it rained that day so it was suuuper muddy. And I forgot to bring flipflops! I had to walk around wearing H's too-large sandals. Haha. It was cool seeing the Bench boys though. I tried to buy a shirt from Pau (whom I had never spoken to my whole life, and who probably doesn't even know my name. Hahaha), and hung out with Jerry and his girlfriend. Quotable quotes:
Mong: This is my second collegiate party in a row. Kagabi nasa Beda kami.
Tisha: Ah talaga? Sinong tumugtog? (Meaning, Chicosci or Sandwich.)
Mong: Wala...naisip lang namin masaya do'n kasi nanalo sila, so pumunta lang kami. Ang dami naming new friends!


Chito of Parokya (onstage): Si Yuri, cousin ko 'yan since birth. Nung bata 'yan tumatakbo-takbo 'yan nang walang salawal. (Pause) Sana si Chris Tiu din! Crush ko talaga 'yan eh. Wala akong crush na lalake, siya lang.
Someone else from Parokya
(possibly Vinci): Ang pogi talaga eh!
Another guy: Pero pare, parang type ko rin si Jobe.

(The others were politically incorrect jokes courtesy of the Bench boys. Some things never change. Haha.)
  • Conquering wall 2.5. I used to wonder how people could climb those walls. And I surprised myself by actually doing it. Yay!

(Pic stolen from Jacq)
  • Booking my flight to NY. Yup, it's really gonna happen. I just had an idea brewing in my head of spending Thanksgiving in New York. And I'm actually going to do it! One last big spending hurrah before I start setting aside money for a family!

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  • At 5:16 PM , Blogger gladzalwayshappy said...

    oh wow you're finally going to nyew nyork huh! cool! have fun have fun!! =D dalawin mo si agent zero tska si mavs... if there's still a space in your itinerary...

  • At 6:14 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    I will definitely meet up with the new nyork warriors (if they find the time to meet up with me!). Sinabihan ko na si 0 na hanapin ang pinaka-masarap na kebab place do'n. Hahaha. Kebab pa rin!

  • At 9:58 AM , Blogger gladzalwayshappy said...

    hanubuzz mukha na kayong kebab ah... hehehhee!!

  • At 3:20 PM , Blogger Lei said...

    si tish lang mukhang kebab. si agent 0 mukhang... papa p.. yiheeee


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