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Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend roundup


I met up with my barkada to celebrate Crisort's birthday. Had dinner at Pasto (carbo overload!) and had dessert at Cold Rock (more, more, more carbs!). I missed training but the funny thing is, I didn't even think about it the whole night! It was just so nice catching up with my girls.


Mike, Lei, Doc, Dino, and I joined the SP Hat. Last game, we played against Teacher's students, who begged us to let them win--apparently, "Sir" turned this hat into their finals, and they all would've gotten a 1 if they had beaten us. Haha. I wonder what grades they're getting...

H swung by to deliver our KFC lunches. Mike later on mentioned that someone once told him that H was a haciendero! Hahaha. And right when he said this, H texted to say the KFC lunch was on him. And Lei remarked, "Don H nga!" (He even included extra rice without my asking. Is he the best boyfriend ever or what?)

After the hat, some of the SP peeps asked if we wanted to stay for a pick-up game, but we had to go to Urda for training. While waiting for the others, we played a round of disc golf (which I sucked at. Must work on my long throws). Training got rained out, so we finished early and caught Eagle Eye (ho-hum). While watching the trailer for The Strangers, I ended up letting out an aria-like scream, and the audience snickered. And my team wouldn't let me hear the end of it. Haha.


Day two of M&M2. The boys are now 4-1, losing to Pretty Boy and the Gang. The girls? 0-4. Whatever. Pool A pa rin! Haha. But I think our D was really good. We just really have to work on our passes.

We ate at Giligan's after, then had ice cream at Sebastian's. Tried a few flavors but ended up with my usual, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Mike got his usual White Macadamia as well. We are creatures of habit.

That night, H gave me a rockin' foot massage. Where did I find this awesome, awesome man?


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