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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dem disc peeps sure know how to par-tey.

This post is over a week delayed. Just gotta say that the Monsoon League 2008 Party was totally bitchin'!

Hindi naman obvious na nag-enjoy ako di ba? More pics here.

  • Watching people attempt to stay on the mechanical bull. And the winner is...manong! The bull operator showed us how it was done.
  • Seeing Czar's hidden hula-hooping talent.
  • Mike voluntarily taking his shirt off while he was dancing with the Superstar. (Mike, WTF?!)
  • The Rape of: Shane, QBF, Lawee Boy, Peng.
  • The Superstar Sandwich.
  • The dance showdown featuring: QBF's moves, Jaguar PO's split (the crowd went wild!), Czar's dolphin dive, and Fel's Chinese getup! Who knew my teammates had such tricks up their sleeves?
  • Lei's "Fans Day at Glorietta" pic! One mission accomplished!
  • Heading to Mr. Kabab after, and hanging out with my teammates til sunrise.
So...when's the next party?

I just realized I didn't get to blog about the Monsoon Finals. Twas rained out. We played two games; the third (for ranking purposes) was canceled. Highlight: our brand-spankin' new uniforms, thanks to Ivy!


  • At 5:58 PM , Blogger Lei said...

    Hahahaha. I like the pic.

  • At 6:03 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    It's our newspaper dance pic. "Bawal ang step-touch. Kailangan sayaw talaga!" Ayan tuloy. Haha.


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