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Friday, August 08, 2008

July 2008 highlights

"You know you make me wanna shout..." Tearin' up the dance floor at Marnie's wedding
  • Manicad-Pulumbarit wedding. Two years in the making.
  • My first hat tourney. Too bad I have no pics to show for it. Boo. But fun! Before the championship game, someone had a slab of lechon in his hands, and people were just tearing off pieces from it. Savage.
  • The beginning of the Monsoon league. The first day felt more like Summer League. The second day? That's how Monsoon was supposed to be, all rain and mud and madness. Bonus! We won a heated game versus Molokai!

My formerly white socks
  • Wall climbing. And so it began. Potentially something I could also get addicted to.
  • Family time. Poker, bowling, food trip, cam-whoring. Ate Udes's homecoming after nine long years.
  • Mamma Mia! with mumsy. This falls under "family time" as well, but it deserves its own space in this entry. I'll say it again: I love my mother.



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