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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Weekend warrior

Date with the BFF
Chingy and I were supposed to watch Mamma Mia! but the screening time we were after was sold out! We ended up having dinner with her co-workers, then heading to Serendra for some cupcakes. H dropped by for a bit since he was in the area, but for the most part, it was quality time with the best friend. We just ate and talked about stuff we normally can't talk about around other people. Haha. We called it a night at 1:00 am though coz I had to get up early for...

Feeling hot, hot, hat first hat tournment! Woohoo! It was oooodles of fun. Leah, Mike, JM, and I were all put on one team, together with another Mike, Christian, Anna, Eng, a couple of guys from BC, a couple of college kids, a middle-aged dude named Cacho with the sickest throws ever, and later on, Kat V and Candy. I think all four of us scored. Mike played awesome, and I think I played relatively well, scoring a few points, except in the second game. Which we lost. Boo!

Oh, we made it to the championship--which we won! Yay!

Part of my personal highlight reel was Christian's hammer throw from mid-field. Looking at the disc hurtling towards me, I was like, "You gotta be kidding me." But I caught it, so yay! Later on, Christian was very Jaguar Po-like in saying that he couldn't resist throwing it since I was open. The instructions I kept receiving from him and from Cacho that day: "Takbo ka lang ha?" Proved effective a couple of times.

Funny conversation on the field:
(Guy from opposing team catches disc at end zone)
Candy: In or out?
Guy: Line.
Candy: Eh di out 'yon.
Guy: In pala.


Den of sin
The family basketball game was called off on account of rain, so some of the grownups just played mahjong, while the rest of us played poker! I was supposed to go to a party, but decided to stay home and spend some quality time with my relatives.

Iggy taught us how to play, and some people partnered up so we could have 10 "players" (there were over a dozen people in the cramped poker room). Hilarious how Kuya Roji and Ate Bing could read their kids--hence, they were cleaning up! The plan was to let Kuya Roji's mom play so that she could take their money. Haha.

My bro and I were survivors that night. Whenever our stash would dwindle to a few measly chips, we would win. At some point, the two of us faced off, the last two standing after everyone else folded. He went all in, and when I called it, he said, "Talaga?!" Sure, why not? It was fake money anyway. Haha. I had a pair six...and he had a pair seven! Damn. I was out. Headed to the kitchen for ice cream. Two of my nieces, depressed over losing all their fake money so early in the game, followed. Mmm ice cream. I got four flavors of Big Scoop for my ice-cream-crazed fam: Vanilla, Strawberry Fields (which I got especially for birthday girl Dawn), Mint Chocolate Chip (which my godson had three scoops of...and seconds), and Midnight Cookies n' Cream. Tita Au brought Rocky Road as well.

Plus we had two kinds of cake!

Bowled over
I spent most of Sunday at home. I wanted to do a bit of cleaning, but was entirely too comfortable being a couch potato. In the evening, my mom, H, and I again joined the relatives at the Eastwood bowling alley. We took up a grand total of six lanes--and we still had to wait for our turn! (We rented a total of 25 pairs of shoes.) I scored the lowest in the adult pool but whatever. No money involved--fake or otherwise!

With the kids...

...With the grownups. I think I am somewhere in between. Hehe.

Afterwards, we hung out at a coffee shop and ate some more. Good weekend!

(P.S. The jeans that were loose a couple of weeks ago are now a perfect fit. Haha. Must stop all this reckless eating.)

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