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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I'm getting too old for this

It's Wednesday and I'm just posting about my weekend now. It took me that bloody long to recover.

Friday night
...was turnover night, but wonder of wonders, we ended before midnight! I thus hightailed it to Harbor View Bistro near the Mall of Asia for AMP's anniv after-party. I didn't get to stay long, and I looked like crap (especially since most everyone else was in semi-formal finery), but it was worth the out-of-the-way trip to greet our new partner/financier. Hehe.

Surprisingly, I had practically the whole day free! Mike and I were planning on joining a pick-up game at the Sunken Garden, but 1) it turned out to be some sort of closed practice, and 2) the rain was coming down in sheets! So instead, I indulged in something I hardly get to do on the weekends anymore--a delicious afternoon nap. Ahhhh. I loved getting reacquainted with the TV and remembering how good I am at being a couch potato. I loved reading a few chapters of my novel before going off to Snoozeland for an hour. I loved having nothing to do for a change!

And then I was off to Urda for our regular pick-up game. Afterwards, we headed to Yelle's place for a team goal-setting meeting/mature drinking session. Dondi was voted captain; Greg, Sarah, and I are now co-captains. (I like to think of myself as Dakilang Taga-text though.) We had to pull a Cinderella because we had three games the next day--including a really early one--but, for once, I was the delinquent who stayed out late. Met up with the CADsters at Piedra for some dancing--our first real dance gimmick (not counting Pam Q's birthday last year)! Would've been cool if there were more of us, but it was great hanging out with them nonetheless.

The next day, I dragged myself out of bed after getting just three hours' sleep. The sun was just relentless that day, beating down on us on what was supposed to be the Monsoon League. All hopes of rain were shot with puffy white clouds marring an otherwise pristine blue sky and the intense glare of the sun. (I am hesitant to call it "sunshine"--too harmless a name for something so merciless.) I scored about three points in the first game but we still lost. Damn. I would gladly have traded my points for a win. I scored in our two other games--which we won!--and was involved in the now-infamous gulungan sa damuhan scene. How embarrassing. But thankfully, only about half the team was there to witness it, and they were all too busy laughing to remember to take a picture. Bonus: No recap!

That evening, I went to mass with H, who played the part of Awesome Boyfriend and gave me a foot and back massage. I promptly fell asleep on the couch.

Monday, I woke up with a runny nose, watery eyes, a sore throat, and an even sorer body. I ain't gettin' any younger.

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