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Monday, August 11, 2008

Before and after

We interrupt regular programming to bring you this Vanity Post. Compare and contrast:

Tisha with a Naked Face versus Tisha All Dolled Up
(Both photos by my forever photog, Ocs)

On the left, we have a test shot of me before a shoot. No make-up, un-styled hair (no blowout!), comfy dress. On the right, we have a glam shot, full-on makeup (courtesy of Maris delos Reyes), sexy hair (c/o Franklin Reponte), and a blingy dress (c/o stylist extraordinaire Pam Q). It's fun to be Right Me sometimes. But the Left Me is the Real Me.

Lalala. Forgive me. It is Monday and I am delaying the inevitable...

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  • At 8:43 PM , Blogger Lei said...

    Aha it's that cute brown dress that I liked! :P


  • At 1:25 PM , Blogger gladzalwayshappy said...

    nnnaaxxx someone's narcissistic here... hehehe joke lang!!

  • At 2:24 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    Guilty as charged. Yes, all bloggers are, by nature, narcissistic! It's funny how I used to hate having my picture taken, and now I'm a standard-issue cam whore.

    Leahloo, indeed, it is Ze Browne Dress!

  • At 11:13 PM , Blogger Frances said...

    Well, I hate to say this but I liked the BEFORE you. Sobrang ganda mo, nakakainis!!!

    Of course the AFTER looks spectacular, too.

    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog sometime ago. I linked yours to mine, ha.

  • At 6:16 PM , Blogger Tisha said...

    Hey, Frances! Hmm...I would have to say thank you! It takes way too much effort to get dolled up, so it's a relief to know I look OK without the makeup. Haha.

    I'll link your blog to mine as well.:)


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