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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We'll be missing you

One of fave my pics with Agent 0; Lead Hound with the Warriors' no. 1 fan; a pensive Kickass

I've said it a thousand times before--I hate goodbyes.

Last Sunday, the Warriors bid farewell to three of their teammates: Lawee Boy/Agent o, Mavs, and Kickass Caracas.

Pretty, pretty Mavs is now in New Nyork. She never actually saw action on the field, but she was always there. Preferring to cheer from the sidelines, she was our (or the Lead Hound's) no. 1 fan! Our most avid supporter. The field will seem emptier without her.

Kickass, who's moved to the Windy City, made time to join the leagues, despite his commitments, foremost of which was his family. The times that he made it, he usually had his mag-ina in tow. One of our resident (legit) daddies!

And Lawee. Ah, Lawee. I used to see him around the office, and I used to hate him (he knows this. Haha) because he was the star basketball player of the team that always beat my team. Haha. Then he started playing disc and sobrang gulang sa field! Little did I know that he would become one of my fave teammates, and one of my gulang mentors. Hahaha. Go and rock New Nyork, dude.

The team won't be the same without them.

(Photo with Lawee courtesy of Ninjacq; Kickass photo courtesy of Cel)

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