Street but Sweet


Friday, October 17, 2008

  • Mumsy got upset with me over something because of a misunderstanding. Kind of a long story. But sigh.
  • Some of the pullouts I needed couldn't be pulled out. This is a really big deal. It means coordinating with a whole different set of people. And missing my deadline! Argh.
  • The guard took so long checking my pullouts because he seemed really clueless. I saw five or six empty cabs zoom by as I helplessly waited. When he was finally done, no empty cabs were passing by anymore.
  • The one cab I flagged down wasn't willing to bring me to my destination.
  • I decided to take the train. The girl took so long issuing my ticket. The train pulled in, and I ran through the barrier--only to have my skirt get caught on one of the bars. I ended up giving people a free peep show.
  • I ran to the train...and its doors closed before I could board.

The Law of Attraction. This day sucks, and it just keeps getting suckier. I am in no mood to call on the powers of good juju just yet. Let me brood for a bit.


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