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Friday, October 10, 2008

The gospel according to the Style Bible

Marie, Tatamaps, and I decided to go to the Style Bible launch, pretty much to support Nicole. And we used it as an excuse to get together on a Friday night and just talk about our goals (in the spirit of The Secret). We headed to Marie's to get all gussied up; Marie did my lovely makeup (kind of cat's-eye-ish, but not so seen in pics. It was kind of a different look for normally bare-faced me). I was tempted to stay in, like Marie's roomie Lana, who was already in her PJs when we were at their place. But we committed to a night out, so...

Girls in black: (From left) Anne, formerly of Preview; Joanna, formerly of Preview and Town & Country; Ana K, FHM; Tatamaps, Seventeen and Martha Weddings; Agoo, Preview; Marie, Marie Claire; and little old me (photo from Anne)

While everyone was wearing stuff like Badgley Mishka and toting Birkin bags, here I was in an LBD I got on sale, and in my red, peep-toe SM heels. Haha. We stayed at the event for just half an hour. The highlight of the night was actually the conversation over dinner. While I do get an overdose of estrogen each time I'm on the field for M&M2, it's always fabulous hanging out with my two favorite girls from the office. It's not the makeup or the outfit or the loud music that I looked forward to (and ultimately enjoyed) that night--it was their company, plain and simple.

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