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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(Master)Piece of cake

I first learned about Sylvia Weinstock while I was watching an ep of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy a few years ago. While the show exhibited her cake-making skills, I didn't realize just how amazing she was until I saw this...

While it's not the kind of cake I would have at my wedding (I would rather spend on other things), I must say that that is a masterpiece. Sylvia is truly an artist. Note those lovely bouquets surrounding the base of the cake and sitting on the top tier: Those life-like beauties are actually sugar flowers, hand-molded by the cake-maker! What skill! What talent! What artistry!

I snagged this pic off of Martha Stewart Weddings (Winter 2008). It was a feature on the winners of the "Today Throws a Martha Stewart Wedding" contest. The winners were Cody Hegelson and Jessica Mapel, and their wedding was the first ever held at the private event space at famed jeweler Tiffany & Co. (rumored to be closing. Damn you, Recession!).

Sure, it was purty, but I don't think I would have the towering centerpieces they used, nor have a breakfast reception. (I can't drag my friends--or myself--out of bed so early in the morning.) But three things did make a big impression on me:
  • The heavenly dessert buffet (such pretty pastel treats!)
  • The carved ice bar (huge blocks of ice used as chillers; some were cut to look like humongous diamonds, befitting of the setting)
  • The Ghost chairs (used in lieu of the ever-dependable, always-elegant Tiffany chairs or--gasp!--slipcovered Monoblocks. Funny though how a Tiffany wedding didn't have Tiffany chairs)
In about a week, wedding preps will be in full swing. I think I've dawdled long enough. Here. We. Go.

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