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Monday, May 04, 2009

And just like that, April is over!

I had to look through my calendar to figure out where the month went--I thought April just flew by, but looking over the little dated boxes, I could see that events that seemed to have taken place ages ago actually occurred fairly recently.

There was...

Lunch with my kumare, Q. Awesome catching up!

The baby shower for Sam. That turon was da bomb!

With my barkada (sans Sam's mommy, Marnie) and Jackie. I had a crapload of strawberry-flavored wafer sticks that day. Photo stolen from Claud.

The start of summer league. Nearing the end of the first round, Warriors are 5-1. Woohoo!

Photo shoot at Pam Q's house. We didn't have a stylist, so Arlene and I were left to fend for ourselves. And I got into a mini-argument with Miguel:

Tish: Did you take a shot of that side?
Miguel: That side? This one na lang, it's more masculine. That side is so...girly.
Tish: Miguel, you're not my market.
(After a minute more of arguing...)
Miguel: If you tell me to take that side, I'll take that side.
Tish: I'm telling you to take that side.
Miguel: OK.

Well guess what Miguel? My side made it onto the cover! Ha! Hehe. Plugging na rin: Do grab a copy of the June issue! Pam's French-inspired home is tres chic! And I was looking over the proofs and it's a particularly fab issue. Sigh. I lurve my mag.

Gian and CJ's wedding. It felt like college all over again--I was the lone girl in our table!

I was the idiot who brought a camera and left the memory card. So I had to make do with my phone.

It was cool hanging with the B Boys again after so long. After the wedding, Rene, GP, and I headed to Rene's house to watch an old Pink Panther movie. Hilarious, babaw stuff!

My game show experience. Not particularly exciting, but definitely out of the ordinary!

IT's Magic! Our batch reunion. It was a frenzied month working on this thing, but I think we pulled off a great event. Got to see people I hadn't seen since high school (including some former teachers), got to witness the Flying Ipis reunion (woohoo!), and once again came face-to-face with just how awesome my fiance is. H, the darling, agreed to man the registration table with not a single complaint.

We also had a fashion show featuring creations by our batchmates Mads (my BFF, whose gorgeous dresses earned rave reviews!) and bag designer Amina. Here I am showing off a lovely bag from the Aranaz RIIR collection:

Tank top from Bench, an event sponsor. Supermodel (and another batchmate) Macky (Isabel) Roces gave us pointers on how to model bags. Was a bit nervous--last time I had to do this, I was in flats and the ground was flat.Tapilok-prone me was a bit anxious about walking on an uneven surface, in high heels to boot!

Plus, we raised a lot of money (and got a lot of donations) for charity!

Being ridiculously in love. Seriously. It's been over eight years, but this month, I discovered even more reasons to love him. I am truly, truly blessed.

So yeah, April was a month of reunions and rediscovery. Despite stressing over guest lists (the worst part of all the wedding preps), worrying over finances, and struggling with some personal issues, I still had a really great month--it's the people that made the difference. Things could go wrong, they don't always go as planned. But with the friends that I've got and the love of my life by my side...well, it's still always a good life!

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