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Friday, March 03, 2006

What's my line?

I recently realized that I tend to be very uncomfortable around new people. I am not one of those people who could easily carry a conversation with someone I just met; I just don't do small talk. I've tried, but it really isn't one of my skills. I can manage when the other person is this extrovert who's just got the gift of gab--sometimes (rarely) I even enjoy it; otherwise, expect me to simply take sips of my drink, and nod and smile. A socialite, I am not. In fact, I would consider that my nightmare "occupation."

This is especially difficult now that I have a job that requires me to go on shoots that last for hours or to attend all these events. After having interviewed a homeowner for about half an hour, I find that I'm grasping for things to say to while away the next couple of hours while the photographer does his thing. At events, I generally stay with the other people from the mag. Often, I sit quietly beside the editor while she animatedly gabs away (I've discovered that small talk is a skill that is required of every editor-in-chief).

This week has been somewhat painful as it was loaded with events and oculars and things--all of which required a bit of small talk. I went to Makati, Paranaque, Silang, Sta. Rosa/Tagaytay, and Market! Market! in search of shoot locations. Also checked out PIFS at the World Trade Center. Thankfully, this last bit just meant some walking around and looking at interesting furniture, without having to actually meet anyone new.

Wednesday night was one of those awkward sosyalan nights for me. It was the launch of this new show on Studio 23 called Welcome Home, which the mag is tying up with. We were introduced to some of the people behind the show, and while they and my more ma-PR co-workers talked like old friends, I stood stupidly on one side, very interested in my glass of dalandan-flavored iced tea. The host, Robin Da Roza, was later introduced to us. I had met him a little over a month ago (read about it in my other blog, when we had a planning seminar and a bunch of shoots in Bora. After he was introduced, he said, "Yeah, I know her (referring to me). My dad was hitting on her in Boracay!" Um.

Afterwards, I met up with Addie, Mona, and Ja. This was more my thing, having tea with people I was completely comfortable with, people I could talk to for hours about things that actually mattered (red roses from an overseas admirer, for one...yeeeha!), or anything at all.

Tonight I've got another event at the Fort, one that requires me to don a cocktail dress and hobnob with professional socialites (and I'm guessing some social climbers). And I've figured out how I can avoid all the awkwardness--I'm not going at all.


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