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Friday, May 29, 2009

End this already!

Damn, they couldn't close it out.

I'm happy enough that San Antonio and Boston are out of the running this year, so I'm OK with whoever wins it all. But I find myself rooting for Orlando now, in large part because of Dwight. I've had a soft spot for the gentle giant ever since his Slam Dunk antics last year. And this year, I'm just seeing a whole different side of him--a guy who likes the pressure. A guy whom people listen to. A guy who delivers. And it's cool that he's not the only role player here.

It's funny how they're up 3-2 and are still considered the underdogs. While Cleveland cruised through the first two rounds, today LeBron was actually on LeBrink, as Yahoo Sports so humorously put it. Turns out, Superman is ironically King James's kryptonite. But, sigh, not today.



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