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Monday, March 13, 2006

The other love of my life

Six more months before I get to dance again. *sigh*

The concert was finally held last night. Was at the theater by around 12:30 and it was scorching. Summer has officially arrived. Kit set up a booth selling dance-themed shirts. Bought a pink one that said, "Who says people can't fly?" and it has four figures doing different dance jumps (straddle, etc.). Cute. For orders, text 0917-5414484. There are men's and ladies' sizes.:)

Spent the rest of the afternoon practicing, waiting, goofing off, and walking along Katipunan looking for an ATM. We shared a dressing room with the All Stars (a kick-ass group that we refused to follow...kind of anticlimactic if we did "Doncha" right after this angas group did a solid breakdance routine), the Kukuruku Crew (a group made up of some CADs alumni and friends, which competed in the open division at Dance Idol--more on that later), Cersa (which won the inter-org dance comp), Company of One, and Gapos. I think I'm missing a couple of other guests here...

Got to see a few of the dances. The all-boys dance was a hit--they actually danced to "Always" (as in "Open your eyes, I see your eyes are open..." hahaha) and "Lick It," complete with old school choreo! I also liked the "Sunny Came Home" jazz dance. The floor dance (this dance where they practically do all their steps while lying or sitting on the floor...come to think of it, do you call 'em "steps" if they're not done while standing?) looked very difficult and my thighs hurt just watching them. It amazes me how flexible some people are. I was pretty pleased that the jazz group is still a bit experimental.

We finally got to dance at around 10:30 pm! We were off to a shaky start but soon recovered. I think it went pretty well. Hamil said we could match the kids, and since he got to see the kids' Dance Idol entry, I took it as a compliment. He gave me a gorgeous bouquet, which totally surprised me. I was so touched. I love that man.:) He watched with Rene, and it kinda amused me that they were hanging out. Afterwards, I told them that we were supposed to follow All Stars, but we begged to go before them. Rene said, "Oo, kung sinundan niyo 'yon, I would've booed you." Haha.

The day before, I got up at 7am (after getting no more than four hours' sleep) to make it to Hamil's early ABL semi-finals game. Felt so bad that they lost by two at the buzzer, and he got pretty stressed out about it. Would've wanted to stay with him but had a really full day. Headed to Metrowalk to meet up with Marns, Cris, and Lorie. Reese got there just as I was about to leave for Aliw Theater to watch Dance Idol.

There were four divisions at Dance Idol: cheerdance, jazz, street, and open. Only the top three were announced for each division; winners will be announced this Friday at Eastwood. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it. Babble is automatically in the top 3 for cheerdance because there were only three entries. Hehe. CADs did good--they're in the top three for both jazz and street. The Kukuruku Crew also made it into the top 3, along with this group that did a technically impressive number (which I didn't quite get though) and this all-male group that had one distinct advantage: they got a mighty talented and insanely cute four-year-old boy to dance with them! Notable entry: a death-defying dance by this group of gay men and one woman. They had the audience screaming! They just kept throwing the girl up into the air, first using their hands, and later using a blanket as a sort of trampoline! The screaming was enough to wear us out. Loads of fun though. The phrase for the night: "Di ko kinaya!" If Randy were there, he would've been screaming right along with us. We could also imagine Rosby swearing in his trademark way. Hahaha.

I am totally in love with the Kukurooku Crew's dance. Sobrang linis and the choreo's just fantastic. "Beautiful" is rarely used to describe a street dance ("hot," maybe, or "tight," or "bangin'," or some similar word), but in this case, I think it's a very apt description. When I saw it again at the concert, I was a bit teary eyed 'coz I was just so impressed and so proud of the kids (Anj, Kit, Kris, Jeff, Jon Bada). They've really grown so much as dancers and it's just a joy to watch them. And it really made me miss being able to perform regularly.

I also realized that I missed competing. Right before going onstage, I get the worst feeling in the world--a million mad butterflies in my stomach and a racing heart that would give Shumacher a run for his money!--but strangely, it's also one of the best feelings ever. Especially when you finally get to let everything out. *sigh* Maybe we should start training for next year's Dance Idol...

Photo from Jonbada's camera (I'm too tamad to bring my own...). Shows what I would look like if ever I decide to rob a bank... fully made up nga lang. (Lovely eye makeup courtesy of Cel E)


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