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Friday, March 03, 2006

Where are all the men?

There's a dearth of real men in the office--or at least, red-blooded males who share the same interest that I have in basketball. That's one of the things I miss about my old office--watching NBA games during lunch, with a bunch of people at the eCafe who are just as into it as I am, or tuning into a PBA game while I'm at the gym, with a few guys in barongs sitting on those exercise balls. It'd be nice to have people here who would be in awe if, for example, they found out that Kobe dropped 81 in a single game. But the guys that I know here couldn't even care less. Not even about 81 points! *gasp*

Hence, I'm left to wait for an opportunity to talk to Hamil or my other guy friends who know so much more about the game than I do (I am so not an expert, but it's just strange asking guys here about last night's game and getting blank stares). And since there's no one here to share my outrage with, I'm just posting this URL for fellow Iverson fans to read...

I just hope AI gets that ring someday.


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