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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I just found out that Elps* is retiring at the end of April. Sigh. Mumsy broke the news over breakfast and I had a hard time getting my cereal down after hearing it.

Anyone who's ever hitched a ride knows who Elps is--he's been our trusty driver for about 14 years. He's temperamental, is sometimes a know-it-all, and fears no one except my dad. My high school and college buds know him as the driver who used to leave me when he would get bored waiting, or the dude who sure loves his drink (he once passed out on a lawn at a party I went to...oh, the stories I could tell!).

But he's dependable. In 14 years, he was probably late a grand total of three times. He's also trustworthy. Plus, I have to admit, on some days, he does know it all--taking nifty little shortcuts to where I'd like to go. I love how I can say, "May kukunin lang tayo kina (insert name here), 'yung pinuntahan natin nung isang taon sa may Project 4," and he'd know exactly what I'm talking about. He's probably the only one I'm not shy to sing in front of, since he's so used to hearing me belt it out in the car. He doesn't find it weird when I suddenly run through some choreo in the car...or I guess he just never said anything. Above all, he's family.

It's been a good ride, but he'd like to head home now. And after putting up with years of my brattiness, tardiness, and singing, I'd say he deserves it.

*His real name is Elpidio, in case my regular hitchers are wondering.


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