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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wet, wet, wet

The barkada bridal tiara

I specified that I didn't want any more bridal showers/bachelorette parties after the 15th, and as a result, I've had four in the span of nine days--three on three straight days! And that isn't counting the big Last Hurrah: girls' night out, the tagline of which was, "Wild enough to be memorable, but tame enough so that the wedding will push through!"

The first shower was thrown by the I-Girls--the wives/fiancees/girlfriends of H's friends. Sheila, preggers with baby #2, graciously hosted it at their new--huge--casa. Sheryl took charge of the games, some of which involved extensive knowledge on gay lingo and, uh, various positions; others required the use of eggplants. Don't ask.

Relatives on both sides also threw me showers. My mother's side experimented with Gift Central, and as a result, I now have two fluffy pillows for my near-empty house, and a few spa GCs that I will most def be needing to help me relax before the wedding. It's just Stress-ola City right now! One of the highlights was my unintended bawlfest, as I thanked everyone and talked about all the changes. This was my Ode to Mumsy.

My father's side shower was hosted by my dad's younger sis, Tita Maribel. If anyone else had blindfolded me, I would not have been that nervous. But given that it was my crazy aunt (the one who hired gay emcees to host our family reunion), I think the jitters were warranted. As it turns out, she "hired" her grandsons and nephews to do a little dance--in jeans and neckties!

Two of my BFFs, Ching and Mads, also planned a super fun bachelorette par-tey, inviting my dearest girl friends (mostly from high school, with my two-person wedding committee as special guests). Taking off from my Indian-inspired wedding gown and my, er, half-Indian roots (haha), Mads and Ching decided on a Kama Sutra-themed party!

We had bindis and mendhi...

The mendhi was pretty, but it's normally much more elaborate. If the groom finds his initials on your palm, it's supposed to be good luck! (Mads made it incredibly easy for H, of course!)

Looots of food, that Marie couldn't stop raving about...

I even got to take home some leftover hummus! Yum. There were chicken kebabs and pasta and dip and jamun! And lots of other stuff. Dee-lish!

And the games...oh, the games! My ultra competitive barkada + forever game Marie and Tata + creative games = riot!

After one of the most memorable moves that night!

Of course, I finally got to wear our barkada bridal tiara. I brought that tiara to Marnie's shower, and we've been passing it on to the next bride ever since. The bride is supposed to write her maiden name and wedding date on it.

And who will wear it next? Hmmmm. Eye makeup c/o Marie the Great.

And theeen there was Girls' Night Out with Chingy, Joey, and Motts. We just went to Fuel, Cuisine, and then grabbed some grub at Old Swiss Inn. My only objectives for that night were to find boys for the single gals, and to score some free drinks. Mission accomplished...

...but no details! Hahaha.

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