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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Almost famous

We launched Real Home Ideas on April 4 at Powerbooks in Greenbelt and I must say, the experience was a little...surreal. Apart from the fact that I was in a pretty sundress (something I had been longing to buy for ages, and the launch gave me the perfect excuse to finally do so) and fully made up (now there's something you don't see every day) courtesy of Marie Claire's lovely beauty ed, people were actually asking for our autographs! I've had mock book- (or magazine-) signing sessions before, but it was all just people from my old office; this time it was total strangers. The first time someone thrust the book and a pen into my hands, I just gave her a puzzled look. "Are you serious?" I asked her. She was. Thankfully, I came up with a fitting generic dedication, none of the usual crap that I struggle to write: "Keep it real." Haha.

Before that, we were all on stage as people from the audience asked us questions. While the others gave splendid answers, I just looked on rather stupidly. I think a few people might've noticed my face light up though when I saw H walk in. Wasn't expecting him to make it and was just thrilled that he did, even if for just a few minutes. Was also quite touched that true friend Mona, Ms. Vicky, Titus, Mr. Mally, Mr. Wilz, Robin (yes, Robin!), and Lord Bobby actually went. And my mom won a prize! (No, it wasn't rigged.)

When the whole thing was over, Miguel, Amils, and I joined Issa, her mom, her honey, and her friends at Kroc. And as if the sisig, crispy pata, garlic rice, and Bicol express weren't enough, Miguel and I ended up going to Breton after. By the end of the night, my new sundress, which had been a little loose earlier in the day, was actually kind of snug. At least my makeup was still flawless.

Photo shows me with Amillah, Issa, and Coni. I am so in love with this dress. Haha.


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