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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Weekend fun

Party girl
Was quite the socialite (yeah, whatever) Friday night. Had two parties and forgot all about having dinner with some high school friends. Eep. The first was a surprise party for Joseph at his and Sheila's new place. Awww. Kinda cute seeing them play house. Haha. Sheila and Sandy had these sparkler candles, very close to the kind I would someday like to have on my own birthday cake. Joseph blew the candles out and we raided the table laden with food. Had me some dee-licious liempo, lumpiang shangai, barbecue, and a bit of pansit malabon. Passed on my own taco salad, but the others pretty much finished everything I brought. Did some last-minute gift wrapping and was kinda bummed that I didn't have materials to prettify the presents.

Left for a bit to go to another birthday party, a luau-themed one where half the people were in office attire! Just chit-chatted with a few friends, had a bit of Sprite, and met a guy from my old office who said, "You used to go to the gym a lot didn't you?" How odd that people remember me more for working out than for the actual work I did.

It was too late for me to meet up with my supposed dinner dates (Patching and Claud), so I headed back to Joseph's, where I had this divine mango cream pie-type cake (see my other blog). Yum.

Weekend getaway
Next day, went to a few malls to do a bit of sourcing for a racket I'm doing. Felt so sluggish. Proceeded to Mandarin--bought a GC for a spa getaway package worth 12k for just 2.5k! Checked in with friends for life, Addie, Ja, and true friend Mons. We switched to Cinemax just in time to catch the first unmistakable strains of Unchained Melody. Yes, it was Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore (with the 'do that launched a thousand haircuts, the "Rachel" of the early 90s--or was it the late 80s?) in--what else?--Ghost! The pot-making scene was all we could take (though I'll bet we were all secretly longing to watch the rest of it...haha) before switching to HBO and catching Top Gun! It had been years since I had seen it, and two others had never seen it, so we decided to tune in. It's a movie with four songs in its entire soundtrack (beginning with, sing it with me now, "Hiiighwaaay tooo the danger zone..."), and a line that had us gagging, something like, "I'm scared that they'll see that I've fallen for you," kiss, cut to next scene. (Sorry to all the men who LOVE this movie. You know who you are!) It was followed by a love scene that had me asking, "Baket puro dila?"

Which leads me to my theory. I seem to recall a number of girl talk moments when all the girls would describe their first kiss, and no fail, every girl would reply, "Malaway!" or something to that effect. The theory? All boys in our age group learned to kiss from this blasted movie. Damn you, Tom Cruise.

Three Take My Breath Aways later, we walked to Teriyaki Boy for dinner. Next, Addie got her birthday massage while the rest of us lounged by the pool and just talked. Two hours later, Mona's brother David delivered Four Seasons pizza and spaghetti with meatballs from Yellow Cab! Ahh, to be a glutton.

The morning after
Woke up fearing I would have my Buddha belly from the day before, the aftermath of all my wanton eating. But I was relieved to find that it had somehow receded overnight, but not for long. Had breakfast with Hamil at Paseo Uno (fun!) and was stuffed yet again by the end of it...a recurring theme this whole weekend.

Two days later, was back at the gym, doing time for my utter lack of self-control.


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