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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Panic button

I love it when I read something and it has the perfect words to describe the way I've felt at some point. Apart from the fact that it's great being able to go into the heart of an emotion or a situation, it sort of validates how I feel or have felt, and tells me that other people go through the same things that I go through. And that there is some semblance of normalcy in me after all.

Just replace "my husband" with "H" and it sums up a key factor in the dynamics of our relationship.

“It is my style when I’m worried to alarm friends and family and try to get them to worry along with me. It seldom works, particularly with my husband. He is remarkably sure about my ability to handle things; he simply assumes I’ll figure it out. I never know whether to be angry or flattered. Part of me wants him to panic along with me and express his undying love and concern about my safety, and the other part wants exactly what he gives: calm and confidence.”

- Excerpted from Riding in the Shadows of Saints: A Woman’s Story of Motorcycling the Mormon Trail by Jana Richman


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