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Monday, April 17, 2006

Of meatless Fridays and Seventh Heaven marathons

I was so glad that we had four straight days of rest. I needed that, and was actually wishing that I had a couple more days. Other people could have their beach trips, Bora parties, and other out-of-town adventures--I was perfectly content staying home.

And no, I did not watch Seventh Heaven! I would've liked to veg in front of the TV with the Gilmore girls though, but had other plans. Mumsy and I made our way to Tagaytay, where we met H at Gourmet's. He treated mumsy to some halo-halo and me to some banaba iced tea (yum! Especially in that heat! Seriously, it's really bad this year!). Then we proceeded to the Pink Sisters, where H was one of the apostles at the reenactment of the washing of the feet! Haha. This was his holiest Holy Week yet. Hehe.

Mumsy and I got to church an hour before the mass started, so we were there for a grand total of three hours. Longest I've been in church in a long time. Later, we visited two more churches in the area before heading back home. Stopped over at Paseo de Sta. Rosa and ate at Poquito Mas (I'll be writing about it in my food blog soon). Yum. The food was great, but I was really happy about hanging out with mumsy. We ended up staying there for about two hours, just talking. I missed that.

The rest of the break was peppered with Visita Iglesia, a couple more masses, and a lot of reading. H came by at 1am on Sunday. We intended to go to Icebergs on Wilson to pig out on ice cream (mmm), but discovered that it had closed! Went back home and settled for some store-bought light ice cream. Good 'nuff. H fell asleep while I was watching some French film on cable. (Isn't it funny how any French film seems like an art film simply because it's in French? Haha. This one had a rather shallow plot, but the language made it seem so...profound.)

Later that day, got to see my bros and my sis-in-law. Later still, H and I went to Glorietta--he stuffed himself with yang chow fried rice at Superbowl, after being off it for 40 days. Afterwards, we went to his place where he promptly fell asleep on the couch. It was all good--whether he's awake or not, I still love being around him! Haha. Besides, I had my friends from CSI to keep me company.

And today is just another manic Monday. *sigh*


  • At 11:24 PM , Blogger moonpool said...

    Poquito Mas! Yum! I ate there when we visited a client at Sta. Rosa before. :) I think they also have a branch in Alabang? I like those potato ball thingers, croquettes or something? :) Happy Easter!


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